Every step counts!

15 May, 2015
Every step counts!

It has been a while since DeMus was born. First step of this baby are unusually big. We started to be visible.

First, our Secretary General Mehdi Karimi gave a speech at the conference organized in Brussels on “Islam and Europe: there is more that unites than divides us”. He called Civil Society Organizations to be more active in facing the challenges of European societies.

Then DeMus was present at the study session "Together Against Islamophobia - Acting For Human Rights" organised in Budapest by FEMYSO and the Belgian "Collectif contre l'Islamophobie" (CCIB). A great opportunity to discuss the fight against Islamophobia with NGO's from all over Europe, where DeMus added it’s contribution.

DeMus regularly meets EU officials and diplomats. Among them Ana Gomes MEP, Afzal Khan MEP, H.E. Amb. Ismat Jahan, Ambassador of Bangladesh to EU etc. We want to draw main stakeholders attention to the fact that massive engagement is necessary in order overcome dangerous tendencies among young people, hate speech, extremist narrative etc. While Muslim Europeans are increasingly part of the society, they are also now trying to be actively involved in its debates and contributing to the democratic state building. We believe that this trend contradicts and will contradict the general feeling and the political discourse on the failure of the integration of Muslims in Europe.

Some failures can’t of course be denied, radicalization is one of them. While this issue deserves a comprehensive analysis, that takes into consideration all its causes (including marginalization, poverty, discrimination, exclusion, etc.) it also has to be tackled inside the European Muslim communities. This is where citizens’ engagement is needed. Public policies that do not include a bottom up approach to fight this phenomenon cannot succeed in preventing radicalization. The cooperation between public authorities and civil society in Europe is also limited while the majority of counter radicalization activities are actually undertaken by civil society organizations.

Join us!