Vision / Philosophy

The European Convention of Muslims for Democracy (DeMus) unites young people - students and professionels of different backgrounds around the principles of Human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

Our main goal is to promote universal ideas in European societies, in particular in Muslim communities, in order to harness grass-root support for national consolidation. We are aiming to achieve this via massive participation of representatives of Muslim communities in the democratic process.

DeMus aims to strengthen the active european citizenship among the Muslim communities in Europe via dialogue and intensive interfaith connections. This way, we intend to help combat islamophobia, antisemitism and other types of religious, racial and social exclusion. DeMus wants to raise awareness of such phenomena and to call for action through public activities.

DeMus considers that Islam is an inseparable part of the European culture and believes in its great enriching potential. Instrumentalisation of Islam in order to justify malfeasance by certain groups is unacceptable. With this in mind, the radicalisation among young people in Europe is one of our principal concerns and we are determined to fight against this phenomenon through educational and intercultural projects

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Rue Joseph II 21, Brussels
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